Our association stands on the principles of justice, freedom, and democracy. We are dedicated to serving our USMC family and community in Washington State. Semper Fidelis.


Our Organization We are an all-volunteer organization made up of mostly Marine & Navy Veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, the Global War on Terror, and Iraq & Afghanistan. We do not maintain a permanent office allowing as much funding as possible to go to our programs. We have members across the state from the Tri-Cities & Yakima to the Puget Sound. 

Our History The USMC Support Group (the Support Group) was founded in the 1960’s by a small number of World War II Marine veterans. At the time, the purpose was focused on social gathering, sharing common experiences, and fellowship. By the 1980’s a broader purpose and social awareness had developed. And, in 1983 the organization became a 501(c) 3 with the express purpose of providing charitable and educational support to Marines & their families. 

Our Mission The mission of the USMC Support Group is to provide educational & transitional support to Marine & Navy Corpsman veterans in Washington State. We do so while promoting the Naval Service, community service, freedom, and democracy. 

Our Vision Tens of thousands of Marines are leaving the service each year. The shift from military to civilian life requires some adjustment and retraining. Our goal is to assist these Veterans in making that transition through education, career search, and mentoring. 

Our Partners Past and Present The generosity and dedication of our donors, past and present, ensures our continued support to the community and our Marine & Navy Corpsman Veterans in Washington State.


What We Do

We are committed to provide educational and charity services and support to the more than 60,000, Marines, Navy Corpsman, and their families in Washington State. We are particularly focused on those Post 9/11 Veterans and their specific needs in our community. 


Our Core Services

Higher Education Support The Support Group has partnered with four college foundations to provide gap funding to Marine or Navy Corpsman Veterans attending Bellevue College, Green River Community College, Renton Technical College, and Edmonds Community College. With the support of the colleges Veteran’s office and the foundations, we provide essential funding that enables a Veteran to stay in school and complete a degree or certification program. The Education Assistance Program  helping these Veterans obtain the skills to be productive members of the community. 

Career Advancement & Coaching Through programs like Marine for Life and Boots to Shoes Foundation®, the Support Group gives time and financial support to help transitioning Veterans enter the community and develop job opportunities and further their careers. 

Junior Leadership Development The Support Group is helping young students develop the skills and knowledge around the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment. Through the Junior Reserve Officer Training Programs we are helping develop new young leaders for our community. 

Service Programs The Support Group organizes and participates in a number of additional activities  

• Non-Commissioned Officer Leadership Award
• Suppsort Group Leadership Award to NROTC Marines
• Marine Enlisted Commissioning Program book scholarship
• Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation
• Four monthly meetings promoting the values & interests of the      Marine community
• Annual Marine Corps Birthday Celebration
• Support to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

How You Can Help

Your generosity is greatly appreciated by all members of the USMC Support Group. Our goal is to better the lives of members of our Washington State Marine Corps community.

Our organization is a nonprofit charitable group under IRS code
501 (c) (3). Our programs are funded by charitable donations. We do not receive any funding from the Marine Corps, Department of Defense, or the government. 

   MGen Jim Kessler, 2nd from right, our Guest Speaker and awards presenter at our Birthday Celebration.

MGen Jim Kessler, 2nd from right, our Guest Speaker and awards presenter at our Birthday Celebration.


Being a member means helping and supporting our Marines & Navy Corpsman in Washington State. Your direct support and participation help insure our work continues.

·         Information Meetings

Join us for local leaders, Marine Corps officials, and notable authors.

·         Annual Birthday Celebration

Celebrate the traditions and comradery of the Marine Corps in November.

·         Networking Opportunities

Meet other Marines and business people in the Puget Sound region

·         Awards & Grants

Help us recognize those Marines, students, and Veterans for their outstanding service to our county and community.

·         Join the Community

Membership is participation. Access events and information on our website and through our network. Become a donor in support of our Marines. 

Membership is open to all with an interest in the US Marine Corps

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  USMC Birthday Celebration at the Bellevue Hilton. 

USMC Birthday Celebration at the Bellevue Hilton. 

   MCSG supports and participates in the Purple Heart Dash at UW NROTC.

MCSG supports and participates in the Purple Heart Dash at UW NROTC.


Spring 2017

Support Group Members, Marines, and Friends:

In order to keep our membership more informed, your Board of Directors is instituting this quarterly newsletter. We would like to use the website,, for this message and it will also be posted there. However, we realize many of our members and perspective members would prefer to receive this message via the mail. It is our hope that it will encourage both current members and other Marines to join by paying their annual dues of $35.00. This can be done on line or by sending a check to: USMC Support Group, PO Box 84444, Seattle, WA 98124-5744.  The Support Group wishes to thank VETRANS and M. Ray Friedman for their generosity in making this first issue possible.

2016 was a strong year for your Support Group as we expanded our Education Assistance Program. Since 2014 we have taken on the mission of providing $2,000 grants to Marines and Navy Corpsman at area schools as they pursue educational goals. As veterans, these Marines and Corpsmen are entitled to government education benefits. The additional funds we provide help pay the myriad of other expenses these men and women must overcome to stay in school and finish. Edmonds and Bellevue Colleges were our initial focus. In 2016 we added Green River, and Renton Technical College. It is our long-term goal to reach out to every community college in the state and we can do this with both Corporate Support from Veteran friendly companies and the generosity of our membership. To this end I have enclosed a donation card, or please go to our website, and donate on-line. Any amount will be appreciated and every additional dollar you donate will be put to use helping Marines and Navy Corpsmen.

On 18 March we held our annual business meeting where we elected the following slate of Directors for the next fiscal year 2017/2018.

Ed Doyne President Don Broadwell - Member

Tom Abel Vice-president Joe Escamillo - Member

Chuck Temple Treasurer Rick Ford - Member

Vince Santiago Secretary Oliver Kurabi - Member

Gary Newbill Member Tom Thurber - Member

Tom Tomfohr Member Larry Price - Member

Paul Barden - Member

Our featured speaker at this meeting was LtCol Kathryn Miller, Inspector Instructor, Combat Logistics Battalion 23, JBLM. LtCol Miller’s presentation outlined their role of providing logistical support to Regimental Combat Team 1 in any environment and throughout the spectrum of conflict. However, she was equally proud of their interaction with the local community by providing color guards for funerals, celebratory occasions, and their collection of gifts through Toys for Tots for deserving children during the Christmas Holiday Season. However, this was not the only support she provided. On Friday, 17 March, LtCol Kathy Miller presented on behalf of the USMC Support Group an Officer’s Sword to Honors Graduate, 2ndLt Ryan Perez at the University of Washington. It was a busy two days for LtCol Miller.

There are times when our obligations as Marines go beyond those who are on active duty or who have worn the uniform. This is the case of Safi Zamir, his spouse Zahara, and their daughter Kawsar. Safi was an interpreter, “a Terp” in current Marine jargon for the Marines in Afghanistan, and is now struggling to maintain his family here in Western Washington. The Support Group was alerted to Safi’s situation by his former Marine company commander, now a student at Quantico. We enlisted the resources of both our members and the Pierce County Detachment of the Marine Corps League who provide major support. We responded by providing a donation from our Rapid Response Fund, arranged several job interviews and personal visits from our members. If you would like to help, the POC is Frank Gavaldon,, or George Hilbish,, both from MCL, Pierce County.

Finally, the following is a list of upcoming events that we encourage you to join us in attending.  Those in bold are Support Group functions.

April 29, Pistol Shoot, MCL,, West Coast Armory 

May 10, Det 336 Mtg, VFW Redmond

May 20, USMC Support Group Membership Meeting, Bellevue Hilton

Sept 15, All Marine Golf Tournament, Maplewood Golf Course

Sept 16, Membership Meeting, Bellevue Hilton

Nov 18, USMC Support Group Birthday Luncheon, Bellevue Hilton

If you should have any input regarding this News Letter please contact us at or


Semper Fidelis,

Tom Tomfohr
USMC Support Group, Board of Directors

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