Our association stands on the principles of justice, freedom, and democracy. We are dedicated to serving our USMC family and community. Semper Fidelis.


Our Organization We are an all-volunteer organization made up of mostly Marine & Navy Veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, the Global War on Terror, and Iraq & Afghanistan. We do not maintain a permanent office allowing as much funding as possible to go to our programs. We have members across the state from the Tri-Cities & Yakima to the Puget Sound. 

Our History The USMC Support Group (the Support Group) was founded in the 1960’s by a small number of World War II Marine veterans. At the time, the purpose was focused on social gathering, sharing common experiences, and fellowship. By the 1980’s a broader purpose and social awareness had developed. And, in 1983 the organization became a 501(c) 3 with the express purpose of providing charitable and educational support to Marines & their families. 

Our Mission The mission of the USMC Support Group is to provide educational & transitional support to Marine & Navy Corpsman veterans in Washington State. We do so while promoting the Naval Service, community service, freedom, and democracy. 

Our Vision Tens of thousands of Marines are leaving the service each year. The shift from military to civilian life requires some adjustment and retraining. Our goal is to assist these Veterans in making that transition through education, career search, and mentoring. 

Our Partners Past and Present The generosity and dedication of our donors, past and present, ensures our continued support to the community and our Marine & Navy Corpsman Veterans in Washington State.